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RMCSC provides high quality, independent insolvency compliance consultancy services by:-

  • Carrying out objective insolvency compliance reviews and anti money laundering Reg 21 audits
  • Giving advice and suggestions for future improvement
  • Reporting fairly and professionally

Caroline Clark, a highly qualified insolvency practitioner who has specialised in regulation and compliance since 1994, carries out all RMCSC’s insolvency compliance reviews.

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Skills and services


Compliance for an insolvency practitioner means more than reaching minimum legal requirements for filing documents or sending notices to creditors. As well as complying with legislation insolvency practitioners must also comply with the Ethics Code, to provide competent professional service in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards.


Integrity means the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This is vital for any professional person or business and RMCSC is no different. RMCSC provides independent insolvency compliance consultancy advice and so can work objectively without the need for clients to change to standard documents.


All insolvency practitioners pride themselves on commerciality, the ability to achieve the best financial outcome for creditors. RMCSC’s insolvency compliance reviews add value by including suggestions and advice for practical improvements.

Testimonials from RMCSC’s insolvency practitioner clients:-

“We can trust you to tell us the facts.”

“We know we get value for our money from you, Caroline.”

“Your suggestions and comments made us consider our procedures and we’ve implemented changes.”

“We’ve made changes as a result of the recommendations in RMCSC’s last report and we think you’ll see the difference.”

“Thank you for all you have done, RMCSC has again produced a very fair report.”