RMCSC adds value for insolvency practitioners

Insolvency appointment takers should have reliable systems in place to deal with all aspects of insolvency work without having to use their own time, or that of senior staff, as a failsafe to make sure that everything is done properly. Well prepared systems and reference guidelines should provide support for less experienced staff, allowing senior staff to focus on new work and more complex issues, so using their time more efficiently.

Regular internal systems and file reviews give information about how well compliance systems are working, whether known them as self certification reviews or internal compliance reviews. The best internal reviews are those that provide a bespoke service and take into account the different requirements of each insolvency practice as well as complying with the requirements of your RPB. Such reviews add value, they are not just an unavoidable overhead.

All RMCSC’s insolvency compliance consultancy work is carried out by Caroline Clark using her experience as a qualified insolvency practitioner, specialising in regulation since 1994, and having an MBA. Caroline work positively with RMCSC’s clients and their team – people at the start of their insolvency careers will not learn how compliance is fundamental to successful work if regulation is just seen as a euphemism for negative criticism.

The RMCSC insolvency guidelines are also available to insolvency practitioners. They give detailed information and references about insolvency procedure and legislation and are easy to use insolvency manuals to improve the efficiency of work carried out on formal insolvency appointments in England and Wales. RMCSC insolvency guidelines have been written for:-

  • Administrations
  • Creditors’ voluntary liquidations
  • Compulsory liquidations
  • Bankruptcies

Caroline Clarks insolvency career started over 30 years ago and since 1994 RMCS has been handling insolvency compliance, specialising in regulation and compliance.

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