RMCSC – insolvency compliance consultancy

RMCSC provides an efficient, high quality insolvency and anti money laundering compliance consultancy service that helps insolvency practitioners meet the high professional standards that are a requirement of the insolvency profession. Insolvency technical and compliance advice from RMCSC is specific to the insolvency practitioner concerned, reports are written promptly after insolvency compliance reviews or anti money laundering Reg 21 audits have been carried out and include suggestions for the future.

RMCSC was incorporated by Caroline Clark in 2011 to meet the requirement in the insolvency profession for an insolvency compliance consultancy that is independent from the provision of checklists and standard documents. This objective and professional approach means that RMCSC’s clients do not have to change the standard documents with which they are familiar.

RMCSC aims to establish insolvency practitioner clients in as strong a position as possible regarding their professional regulation, now including anti money laundering legislation as well as insolvency legislation.

Caroline Clark

Caroline Clark, the director of RMCSC who is responsible for carrying out all insolvency compliance consultancy work, is herself an insolvency practitioner with more than 30 years’ experience. Caroline has had senior manager responsibility for the case administration of an insolvency portfolio and has specialised in insolvency compliance and regulation since 1994. Caroline has had regulatory experience as a JIMU inspector, national responsibility for compliance in the insolvency and recovery departments of three major firms and in April 2019 she was elected to the board of the Insolvency Practitioners Association.

Caroline graduated from Birmingham University with an MBA in 1999, studying for her master’s degree whilst working full time. This additional qualification gives Caroline the ability to see and understand the big picture and enables her to say with justification that she is an insolvency compliance consultant.

A high standard of professional conduct and integrity has always been important for Caroline, even more so as director of RMCSC. RMCSC’s clients benefit from Caroline’s management and insolvency qualifications and experience and Caroline is always ready to help with any insolvency technical or compliance query.

Michael Southall

Michael Southall

Michael Southall, the director of RMCSC who has a non executive role assisting in RMCSC’s strategic planning, is an experienced strategic planning consultant. Michael and Caroline worked together in the past as trustees of a charity and when she was setting up RMCSC Caroline asked Michael to assist her as a non executive director so that the company could benefit from his strategic management expertise and experience.

Michael graduated from Aberystwyth University with a bachelor’s degree in technology in 1984. Michael is not involved with RMCSC’s insolvency practitioner clients or in the insolvency compliance and technical consultancy work done by Caroline.